os.path.getmtime may return float in newer Pythons; compensate in test case
[joel/kofoto.git] / Makefile
2007-07-25 Joel RosdahlCorrect check target and rename it to test
2005-09-21 Joel RosdahlReorganized source code hierarchy:
2005-02-12 Joel RosdahlMerged revisions 659-675 via svnmerge from
2005-02-10 Joel RosdahlImproved Windows start and build code.
2004-08-10 Joel RosdahlAdded missing targets in help text.
2004-08-08 Joel RosdahlAvoid .svn directory in Debian diff file.
2004-08-07 Joel RosdahlWrote man page embryos.
2004-07-27 Joel RosdahlAdded BSD-like license.
2004-07-22 Joel RosdahlClean more temporary files.
2004-05-16 Joel RosdahlClean up more files.
2004-04-25 Ulrik SvenssonMerged the gkofoto-refactoring branch back into the...
2004-03-19 Joel RosdahlWrote a webkofoto wrapper program that imports webkofot...
2004-01-31 Joel RosdahlWrote test suites for the kofoto.dag, kofoto.search...
2003-10-17 Joel RosdahlMoved gkofoto library files into a "gnomekofoto" package.