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2004-09-18 Joel RosdahlChanged Ulrik's email address.
2004-08-07 Joel RosdahlWrote man page embryos.
2004-08-07 Joel RosdahlRemoved obsolete file.
2004-08-01 Joel RosdahlMoved TODO list to the wiki.
2004-07-31 Joel RosdahlMoved notes to the wiki.
2004-07-09 Ulrik SvenssonAdded keyboard shortcuts for the forward/backward buttons.
2004-07-07 Ulrik SvenssonMore todo. :-)
2004-07-07 Joel RosdahlNicer handling of missing images in gkofoto.
2004-07-07 Joel RosdahlCreated register images dialog.
2004-07-05 Joel RosdahlMore to do.
2004-06-05 Joel RosdahlMoved interesting links to notes.txt.
2004-06-02 Ulrik SvenssonMore links
2004-06-02 Joel RosdahlThere is more to do.
2004-05-23 Joel RosdahlRenamed delete-category to obliterate-category.
2004-04-26 Joel RosdahlUse locale.getpreferredencoding() (new in Python 2...
2004-04-25 Ulrik SvenssonMerged the gkofoto-refactoring branch back into the...
2004-04-19 Joel RosdahlMore to do.
2004-02-22 Joel RosdahlRemoved completed items.
2004-02-09 Joel RosdahlRewrote the image cache interface. Image location and...
2004-01-31 Joel RosdahlFixed wording. Added some more notes.
2004-01-31 Joel RosdahlWrote test suites for the kofoto.dag, kofoto.search...
2004-01-08 Ulrik SvenssonMerged changes from revision 291 to 304 on the trunk...
2004-01-07 Joel RosdahlAdded support for specifying image size limits in WxH...
2004-01-05 Joel RosdahlOne thing less to do!
2004-01-03 Joel RosdahlSome more ideas.
2003-12-27 Joel RosdahlThere's more to do.
2003-11-15 Joel RosdahlAdded a small command-line crash course.
2003-10-26 Joel RosdahlImplemented possibility of (re)generating only a subset...
2003-10-21 Joel Rosdahl(Re)generate only parts of a generated album?
2003-10-19 Joel RosdahlRequire Python 2.3.
2003-10-17 Joel RosdahlMoved gkofoto library files into a "gnomekofoto" package.
2003-10-16 Ulrik SvenssonTwo more links.
2003-10-16 Joel RosdahlThere's more to do.
2003-10-15 Joel RosdahlClarification of a dull thought.
2003-10-15 Joel RosdahlAdded some interesting links.
2003-10-15 Joel RosdahlAdded image cache change thought.
2003-06-11 Joel RosdahlRenamed "timestamp" attribute to "captured".
2003-06-09 Joel RosdahlImplemented searching.
2003-06-04 Joel RosdahlNew function pathSplit in kofoto.common which works...
2003-06-02 Joel RosdahlRemoved finished items and added "write test suite".
2003-05-28 Joel RosdahlUTF-8 in database done.
2003-05-21 Joel RosdahlRemoved text about categories -- already implemented.
2003-05-17 Joel RosdahlMore to do.
2003-05-15 Joel RosdahlMore to do.
2003-05-06 Joel RosdahlAdded focallength and timestamp attributes.
2003-05-06 Joel RosdahlSplit THOUGHTS into notes.txt and todo.txt. Added some...
2003-04-17 Joel RosdahlRenamed shortdesc/longdesc to title/description.
2003-04-11 Joel RosdahlRemoved obsolete information.
2003-04-11 Joel RosdahlAdded note about database configuration.
2003-04-06 Joel RosdahlMore thoughts.
2003-04-04 Joel RosdahlGrammar and other fixes.
2003-04-01 Joel RosdahlRemoved duplicated words. Added chronological magic...
2003-03-31 Joel RosdahlAdded magic album wish.
2003-03-27 Joel RosdahlReimplemented backend (src/lib/kofoto/shelf.py). Metain...
2002-10-24 Joel RosdahlAdded some key features. :)
2002-10-14 Joel RosdahlIndent properly. :P
2002-10-14 Joel RosdahlNew example of shelf file.
2002-10-14 Joel RosdahlAdded photographer attribute.
2002-10-14 Joel RosdahlSorted attributes.
2002-10-13 Joel RosdahlStarted defining image/album attributes.
2002-07-14 Joel RosdahlMoved contents in BEGREPP to THOUGHTS.
2002-07-14 Joel RosdahlRenamed WISHLIST to THOUGHTS.
2002-07-14 Joel RosdahlCreated doc directory and moved doc files to it.