Don't require non-shifted commands in full screen view
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2005-09-21 Joel RosdahlReorganized source code hierarchy:
2005-02-12 Joel RosdahlMerged revisions 659-675 via svnmerge from
2005-02-12 Joel RosdahlPreparations for version 0.3.
2005-02-10 Joel RosdahlMake Unix build work again.
2005-02-10 Joel RosdahlImproved Windows start and build code.
2004-08-12 Joel RosdahlImproved RPM packaging. Thanks to Kjell Enblom.
2004-08-08 Joel RosdahlHandle invocation without arguments.
2004-08-08 Joel RosdahlMoved gkofoto library files into a subdirectory of...
2004-08-07 Joel RosdahlSplit gkofoto's start, and start.pyw into...
2004-08-06 Joel RosdahlDon't dist kofoto-upload.
2004-08-01 Joel RosdahlNew project URL.
2004-07-27 Joel RosdahlAdded BSD-like license.
2004-07-23 Joel RosdahlBuild and dist gkofoto in Windows environment too.
2004-07-22 Joel RosdahlAdded a real kofoto.version module instead of generatin...
2004-07-22 Joel RosdahlBug fix: unlink() gkofoto after setup() in
2004-07-22 Joel RosdahlAdded missing icon data files.
2004-07-14 Joel RosdahlMoved to kofoto/
2004-07-14 Joel RosdahlMade GKofoto start on Windows again. To achieve this...
2004-07-07 Joel RosdahlNicer handling of missing images in gkofoto.
2004-07-05 Joel RosdahlRenamed the src/gnome directory to gkofoto, the gnomeko...
2004-05-21 Joel RosdahlCreated some icons for the view buttons.
2004-04-25 Ulrik SvenssonMerged the gkofoto-refactoring branch back into the...
2004-03-19 Joel RosdahlBail out if cherrypy isn't installed.
2004-03-19 Joel RosdahlWrote a webkofoto wrapper program that imports webkofot...
2003-10-21 Joel RosdahlInstall kofoto-upload.
2003-10-19 Joel RosdahlAlso install renameimage.
2003-10-19 Joel RosdahlAlso install output modules.
2003-10-17 Joel RosdahlBetter author.
2003-10-17 Joel RosdahlMoved gkofoto library files into a "gnomekofoto" package.