Use list.sort's keyword parameters
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2007-05-20 Joel RosdahlUse list.sort's keyword parameters
2007-05-20 Joel RosdahlUse list.sort's new keyword parameters
2007-05-20 Joel RosdahlUse built-in set datatype
2006-09-05 Joel RosdahlFixed some pylint warnings.
2006-08-27 Joel RosdahlSplit find-missing-imageversions into two commands:
2006-02-04 Joel RosdahlAdded category count to print-statistics output.
2006-02-01 Joel RosdahlMoved find-missing-imageversions command to proper...
2006-01-29 Joel RosdahlPEP8-ified raise clauses.
2005-10-09 Joel RosdahlImplemented reread-exif command (ticket #18).
2005-10-09 Joel RosdahlNew commandline option: -0/--null.
2005-10-09 Joel RosdahlCorrectly import exceptions from kofoto.shelfexceptions.
2005-10-09 Joel RosdahlWork-around for buggy EXIF library.
2005-10-04 Joel RosdahlMinor Unicode fixes.
2005-10-02 Joel RosdahlMajor review of Unicode usage in all code. The new...
2005-09-29 Joel RosdahlDefault to utf-8 in generated HTML pages. Ticket #99.
2005-09-29 Joel RosdahlAdded __all__ definition to kofoto.commandline.main.
2005-09-25 Joel RosdahlMake pylint complain less about kofoto.commandline.
2005-09-21 Joel RosdahlReorganized source code hierarchy: