Escape pango markup properly
[joel/kofoto.git] / src / packages / kofoto / gkofoto /
2009-03-22 Joel RosdahlEscape pango markup properly
2009-03-19 Joel RosdahlRemember assigned keys in fullscreen window
2009-03-19 Joel RosdahlSome changes to be more compatible with Python 3 in...
2008-08-01 Joel RosdahlCorrect typo
2008-06-29 Joel RosdahlAdd rudimentary one-key categorization
2008-06-28 Joel RosdahlRefactor field and function names
2008-06-28 Joel RosdahlMake it possible to display categories in full screen...
2008-06-23 Joel RosdahlAdd quick categorization feature to full screen mode
2008-01-17 Joel RosdahlMake 1 mean "zoom to actual" and 0 mean "zoom to fit"
2007-12-02 Joel RosdahlDon't require any particular key modifier state in...
2007-07-31 Joel RosdahlAdd Ctrl-+/-/0/= as alternative zoom keys in full scree...
2007-05-19 Joel RosdahlDon't require non-shifted commands in full screen view
2007-04-30 Joel RosdahlReturn correctly from FullScreenWindow._key_press_event_cb
2007-04-30 Joel RosdahlCheck event.state correctly in FullScreenWindow
2007-04-29 Joel RosdahlAdd key bindings for zooming in full screen mode
2007-04-29 Joel RosdahlFix left click in full screen mode
2006-09-16 Joel RosdahlCreate the invisible mouse cursor in a simpler way.
2006-06-21 Joel RosdahlAdapted pylint disable messages to pylint 0.11.
2006-02-01 Joel RosdahlGet key values from gtk.keysyms instead of using gtk...
2006-01-30 Joel RosdahlMerged changes on the version-0.5.x branch to the trunk.
2006-01-30 Joel RosdahlDisplay unknown image icon in ImageViews also.
2006-01-26 Joel RosdahlMore work on the fullscreen view:
2006-01-24 Joel RosdahlRefactored FullscreenWindow._after_map_event.
2006-01-24 Joel RosdahlImproved FullscreenWindow:
2006-01-24 Joel RosdahlMore PEP8 changes.
2006-01-24 Joel RosdahlBind Down and Up to next/previous in fullscreen view.
2006-01-24 Joel RosdahlMake pylint happier.
2006-01-24 Ulrik SvenssonRemoving set_keep_above from fullscreen view
2006-01-23 Joel RosdahlBind PageDown and PageUp to next/previous in fullscreen...
2006-01-23 Ulrik SvenssonHide mouse cursor in fullscreen view
2006-01-23 Ulrik SvenssonAdded simplistic fullscreen view. Partly resolves ticke...