Use list.sort's keyword parameters
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2007-05-20 Joel RosdahlUse built-in set datatype
2006-06-21 Joel RosdahlAdapted pylint disable messages to pylint 0.11.
2006-02-13 Joel RosdahlImplemented full screen viewing of image versions.
2006-02-13 Joel RosdahlOpen and copy image version locations in the expected...
2006-01-30 Joel RosdahlMerged changes on the version-0.5.x branch to the trunk.
2006-01-30 Joel RosdahlBug fix: Handle missing image gracefully when requestin...
2006-01-18 Joel Rosdahlkofoto.gkofoto.imagepreloader: Removed; obsoleted by
2005-10-02 Joel RosdahlMajor review of Unicode usage in all code. The new...
2005-09-28 Joel RosdahlMore pylint-related changes.
2005-09-21 Joel RosdahlReorganized source code hierarchy: