Corrected test cases.
[joel/kofoto.git] / src / test /
2005-03-06 Joel RosdahlCorrected test cases.
2005-03-04 Joel RosdahlMerged revisions 682-691 via svnmerge from
2005-03-04 Joel RosdahlRemove obsolete album types ("allalbums" and "allimages").
2005-03-02 Joel RosdahlAdapted test cases for the coming API changes for image
2004-07-08 Joel RosdahlImplemented searching for non-plain albums.
2004-07-07 Joel RosdahlAdded album search operator. Proposed search term synta...
2004-04-25 Ulrik SvenssonMerged the gkofoto-refactoring branch back into the...
2004-01-31 Joel RosdahlRemoved unnecessary imports.
2004-01-31 Joel RosdahlWrote test suites for the kofoto.dag,