2006-01-29 Joel RosdahlPEP8-ified raise clauses.
2006-01-28 Joel RosdahlAdded some more debug code.
2006-01-28 Joel RosdahlImproved preloading and unloading in single object...
2006-01-26 Joel RosdahlMore work on the fullscreen view:
2006-01-24 Joel RosdahlRefactored FullscreenWindow._after_map_event.
2006-01-24 Joel RosdahlImproved FullscreenWindow:
2006-01-24 Joel RosdahlMore PEP8 changes.
2006-01-24 Joel RosdahlBind Down and Up to next/previous in fullscreen view.
2006-01-24 Joel RosdahlMake pylint happier.
2006-01-24 Ulrik SvenssonRemoving set_keep_above from fullscreen view
2006-01-23 Joel RosdahlBind PageDown and PageUp to next/previous in fullscreen...
2006-01-23 Ulrik SvenssonHide mouse cursor in fullscreen view
2006-01-23 Joel RosdahlSwitch to fullscreen mode when double-clicking on image...
2006-01-23 Joel RosdahlBetter activation of object view from row activation...
2006-01-23 Ulrik SvenssonAdded simplistic fullscreen view. Partly resolves ticke...
2006-01-23 Joel RosdahlSwitch to single object view when a row is activated...
2006-01-23 Joel RosdahlIncrease (for now hard-coded) cache size to 20 Mpixel...
2006-01-23 Joel RosdahlPreloads should now be done with least important first.
2006-01-21 Joel RosdahlBug fix in ImageView.get_wanted_image_size.
2006-01-18 Joel Rosdahlkofoto.gkofoto.imagepreloader: Removed; obsoleted by
2006-01-18 Joel RosdahlRestructured test code.
2006-01-18 Joel RosdahlWhitespace fix.
2006-01-18 Joel RosdahlDoc-string fixes.
2006-01-18 Joel RosdahlRaise priority of the pixbuf loader's load thread when...
2006-01-18 Joel RosdahlAdded set_priority method to PseudoThread.
2006-01-16 Joel RosdahlBug fix in pruning logic.
2006-01-16 Joel RosdahlImplemented unload_all method in CachingPixbufLoader.
2006-01-16 Joel RosdahlUse Rectangle's scaling routines.
2006-01-16 Joel RosdahlMinor bug fix.
2006-01-16 Joel Rosdahlkofoto.gkofoto.cachingpixbufloader: New module with...
2006-01-16 Joel RosdahlNew convenience function: kofoto.gkofoto.pixbufloader...
2006-01-16 Joel RosdahlNew module: kofoto.rectangle.
2006-01-16 Joel RosdahlMinor performance and clarity improvements.
2005-12-29 Joel RosdahlImplemented PixbufLoader.
2005-12-16 Joel RosdahlAdded insert_after, insert_before, insert_first and...
2005-12-13 Joel RosdahlImproved doc string.
2005-12-13 Joel RosdahlPEP8-ified function names in kofoto.common.
2005-12-04 Joel RosdahlImplemented InsertionOrderedMapping class to be used...
2005-11-28 Joel RosdahlObjectCollection: Bug fix in object collection loading.
2005-11-14 Joel RosdahlDoc string fixes.
2005-11-14 Joel RosdahlImproved speed of object collection loading.
2005-11-14 Joel RosdahlUse a PseudoThread instead of an explicit idle handler...
2005-11-14 Joel RosdahlCreated PseudoThread class.
2005-10-15 Ulrik SvenssonAdded new utility for exporting images and adding EXIF...
2005-10-11 Joel RosdahlMerged bug fix from the version-0.4.x branch.
2005-10-10 Joel RosdahlMerged changes from the version-0.4.x branch to the...
2005-10-10 Joel RosdahlWhitespace cleanup.
2005-10-10 Joel RosdahlReleased version 0.4.1.
2005-10-10 Joel RosdahlPreparations for version 0.4.1.
2005-10-10 Joel RosdahlCorrected variable reference in
2005-10-09 Joel RosdahlMerged changes from the version-0.4.x branch to the...
2005-10-09 Joel RosdahlReleased version 0.4.
2005-10-09 Joel RosdahlInclude libraries not found by py2exe but needed by...
2005-10-09 Joel RosdahlCompensate for pygtk.require() failing when running...
2005-10-09 Joel RosdahlImproved build of py2exe installer.
2005-10-09 Joel RosdahlPreparations for version 0.4.
2005-10-09 Joel RosdahlUpdated installation requirements.
2005-10-09 Joel RosdahlImplemented reread-exif command (ticket #18).
2005-10-09 Joel RosdahlRemoved left-over test code.
2005-10-09 Joel RosdahlNew commandline option: -0/--null.
2005-10-09 Joel RosdahlMake sure kofoto.shelf.makeValidTag always returns...
2005-10-09 Joel RosdahlCorrectly import exceptions from kofoto.shelfexceptions.
2005-10-09 Joel RosdahlWork-around for buggy EXIF library.
2005-10-08 Joel RosdahlRemove left-over call to pygtk.require; it should only...
2005-10-04 Joel RosdahlMinor Unicode fixes.
2005-10-02 Joel RosdahlDisable key bindings for going to the next and previous...
2005-10-02 Joel RosdahlMajor review of Unicode usage in all code. The new...
2005-09-29 Ulrik SvenssonIcons not shown, Ticket #109
2005-09-29 Joel RosdahlDefault to utf-8 in generated HTML pages. Ticket #99.
2005-09-29 Joel RosdahlAdded __all__ definition to kofoto.commandline.main.
2005-09-29 Joel RosdahlHide file chooser dialog when processing files in the...
2005-09-28 Joel RosdahlRefactoring to get away from cyclical imports.
2005-09-28 Joel RosdahlMore pylint-related changes.
2005-09-27 Joel RosdahlMore pylint-related changes.
2005-09-27 Joel RosdahlFix bug introduced in the pylint cleanup race.
2005-09-27 Joel RosdahlDoc string fix.
2005-09-27 Joel RosdahlMore pylint-related changes.
2005-09-25 Joel RosdahlRefactoring and more pylint-related changes.
2005-09-25 Joel RosdahlSaner pylint defaults.
2005-09-25 Joel RosdahlMake pylint complain less about kofoto.commandline.
2005-09-25 Joel RosdahlExperiment with pylint to check source code.
2005-09-21 Joel RosdahlReorganized source code hierarchy:
2005-09-19 Joel RosdahlDrop database connection in the database upgrade code...
2005-09-18 Ulrik SvenssonBugfix
2005-09-10 Joel RosdahlTry to encode external command strings in proper locali...
2005-09-04 Joel RosdahlRead root album tag from optional parameter.
2005-09-04 Joel RosdahlMake webkofoto know about image versions.
2005-08-20 Ulrik SvenssonImproved algorithm used by registerImageVersions to...
2005-08-20 Ulrik SvenssonBugfix related to image-versions and HTML-generation
2005-08-20 Joel RosdahlFix HTML generation in non-UTF-8 locales.
2005-08-20 Joel RosdahlReload single object view properly after editing image...
2005-08-19 Ulrik SvenssonCorrected typo
2005-08-19 Joel RosdahlAdded default action in "duplicate image and open"...
2005-07-18 Joel RosdahlHandle album tags with characters outside latin1 correc...
2005-07-18 Joel RosdahlCorrected use of locale/unicode flags to the re engine.
2005-07-15 Joel RosdahlImproved image version registration: Make last register...
2005-07-15 Joel RosdahlImplemented new features in gkofoto:
2005-07-14 Joel RosdahlImproved exception formatting in crash dialog.
2005-07-14 Joel RosdahlImproved order of image versions menu.
2005-07-11 Joel RosdahlBug fix in Shelf.getImageVersionsInDirectory.