descriptionA tool for organizing and viewing digial images
ownerJoel Rosdahl
last changeSat, 3 Jun 2017 11:37:36 +0000 (13:37 +0200)
2017-06-03 Joel RosdahlIncrease thumbnail size master
2017-06-03 Joel RosdahlFix import of JpegImagePlugin
2011-06-19 Joel RosdahlRemove silly blurb
2011-06-19 Joel RosdahlMore fixes for modern versions of the sqlite module
2011-06-19 Joel RosdahlGo to next image when clicking on the image
2011-06-16 Joel RosdahlUpdate to work with modern sqlite3
2010-07-09 Joel RosdahlRevert bad fix in 67d7c2097db0
2010-07-09 Joel RosdahlUse hashlib instead of the deprecated md5 module
2010-04-24 Joel RosdahlUse the new gtk.Tooltip API instead of deprecated gtk...
2010-04-24 Joel RosdahlUse sqlite3
2010-04-24 Joel RosdahlFix deprecation warning about the sets module
2009-03-22 Joel Rosdahlfullscreen window: Improved info message when no unique...
2009-03-22 Joel RosdahlEscape pango markup properly
2009-03-19 Joel RosdahlRemember assigned keys in fullscreen window
2009-03-19 Erik ForsbergMake gkofoto run on pygtk 2.13
2009-03-19 Joel RosdahlSome changes to be more compatible with Python 3 in...
3 years ago master